Real Estate Investments in Punta Cana

Posted on 28. Oct, 2008 by EOW Team in Investing Abroad

With pearly white sandy beaches, a sub-tropical climate, and plenty of ocean front property, Real Estate is booming in Punta Cana, as thousands of Americans and Europeans are also discovering that the East coast of the Dominican Republic is the best place to buy their second or third home. The options are endless: condos, luxury homes, apartments for rent or purchase, beach-front properties, vacant land, and more.

Punta Cana offers 30.000 hotel rooms and more than 30 five-star hotels with 20.000 rooms under construction. World class golf courses, commercial centres, new highways and International airport.

Many new investors from all over the world have already discovered the advantages and opportunities that lie here in Punta Cana and are assuring a constant growth over the next 7 years to make Punta Cana – Bávaro the best destination in the entire Caribbean and Latin America.

A virtual “unknown” until the late 80’s, Punta Cana has fast become one of the most desirable places to live – and vacation – in the Caribbean.

Because Punta Cana has become so popular, it’s also grown to be a resting spot for the rich and famous. The east coast of the Dominican Republic is known for its beauty and spiritual inspiration and Punta Cana is a place where nearly every visitor at least entertains the idea that “this would be a great place to live”.

Due to Punta Cana tourism based economy and infrastructure; it’s ideally suited to retirees and entrepreneurs with a healthy nest egg. Rest and relaxation is the main attraction in this tropical location.

Because of Punta Cana´s popularity and limited beachfront land availability, real estate prices for beachfront properties are climbing 20-30% every year. The average price of a two-bedroom beachfront condo is now $180.000US. Housing can be found at lower prices, if you accept some walking distance to the beach.

The United States market is now beginning to identify the values and the opportunities that lie here in the Dominican Republic, particularly in a project like Cap Cana, which is aiming to the highest end of the world market,” said Ellis Perez, president of Cap Cana.

Other popular golf- and resort projects attracting real estate buyers from all over the world are Roki Ki and Punta Perla.

Real estate in the Dominican Republic is so hot that even before they broke ground at the project Roko Ki they had sold $100 million in properties, 90 percent to Americans — that too, all in one day.

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Written by

Karl Lober

Karl Lober is a RE/MAX real estate professional living more than 11 year in the Dominican Republic and offers complete real estate and rental service in Punta Cana on the East coast of the country.

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